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We, the members of the Dale City Volunteer Fire Department take pride in our history and those who came before us. We honor their memory alongside the memory of our brothers and sisters who have perished in the line of duty. Through our commitment to serve, and the principals that guide us, we shall carryout our duty with honor, respect, and integrity.


We are Second to None.


Built by the Community

In 1966 the Dale City Civic Association recognized the need for fire service in Dale City. On October 4th, 1967 the Dale City Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


The first general membership meeting was held in January 1968 at which time applications from the community were accepted for Firefighter positions. At that time only the Ashdale, Birchdale, Darbydale, and Forestdale neighborhoods had been completed.


These early residents generously donated approximately $30,000 to fund the establishment of the department. The department began answering calls for service in 1969. The vehicles were parked in front of member's homes until Station 10 on Birchdale Avenue was opened in June 1969.

Early Growth


As Dale City grew westward, so did the Dale City Volunteer Fire Department. After just two years, the Department was already planning a second fire station. In 1974, DCVFD Station 13 was opened at the intersection of Hillendale Drive and Dale Boulevard.


Station 18


In 1992, DCVFD Station 18 was opened near the intersection of Princedale Drive and Dale Boulevard. Station 18 is the only DCVFD Station that has an address actually on Dale Boulevard.




Station 20


In 2002, DCVFD Station 20 was opened near the intersection of Prince William Parkway and Smoketown Road. Station 20 houses the majority of the department's administrative offices.


Station 10 Rebuilt


In June of 2009, a newly designed DCVFD Station 10 was opened on Catalpa Court replacing "The Old House on the Hill" and the original DCVFD Station on Birchdale Avenue. The old Station 10 is still in-use today by the Prince William Park Authority.


The Hylton Family, who historically remains the driving force behind the development of Dale City, has been very gracious to the DCVFD. The Hyltons have donated the land for both old, and new Station 10, Station 13, and Station 18. The Hyltons have always been one of the strongest supporters of the DCVFD.

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