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Operational membership within the department begins with the links on the bottom of the Become a Firefighter or Become an EMT  pages. Operational members of the department spend one night a week, and every fifth weekend on-duty.


The application and accompanying recruit training process for an EMS or Fire Service recruit is extensive. The process of becoming a Firefighter or EMT is not an easy one. Please ensure you have a complete understanding of the certification requirements and time commitment prior to applying for operational membership within the department.


There are several support functions within the department that do not require being certified as an EMT or Firefighter. Here's a list of associate member duties within the department:


  • Fundraising Associate or Coordinator

  • Auxilary Membership Opportunities

  • Community Relations

  • Social Media Opportunities

  • Administrative Assistance

  • Facilities Management


If you are interested in supporting the DCVFD with your time please contact out Membership team (

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