The Fire Service is primarily responsible for fire suppression and similar services within our response area. General responses also include auto-accidents, hazard mitigation, & EMS calls for service.


Roughly 80% of the emergency call volume in Prince William County is EMS. This service need has caused most departments to adapt traditionally suppression-purposed apparatus like fire engines to support this need. As a result, each suppression unit in the county is licensed by the Virginia Office of EMS as a basic life support (BLS) non-transport unit.



Training witihin the Fire Service is one of the most fundamental pillars of our operations. Some say that a Firefighter's training is never really over. This is a concept that the DCVFD holds in the highest regard.


Changes in structural design, building materials, suppression tactics, and other industries require constant adaptation within the service.


The DCVFD is comprised of over 100 active Volunteer Firefighters with recruits joining monthly. The department operates four suppression engines (E510, E513, E518, & E520) during volunteer hours serving a first-due population of over 75,000.


The DCVFD is on-duty for about 5,600 hours each year, which is 64% of the entire year! During the remaining 36% (business hours) our staffing is augmented by Prince William County Department of Fire & Rescue personnel.

"Service is not doing what's required of us,

 service is doing more than what's required of us"

          Simon Sinek

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